Don't just dream it, make it happen

Become a changemaker

Want to do something good for Wageningen: either for your own neighborhood, a specific group or for the whole city? And at the same time discover your strengths, develop skills and meet new people your age (18 - 28 years)?

We would love to help you out!

There are ten workshops over twelve weeks where you will

  • get to know each other and Wageningen;
  • learn about and develop your strengths and skills;
  • put all your learnings in practice and realize impactful ideas for Wageningen together with the group.

Join make it happen

With our 12 week program you have the opportunity to make impactful ideas reality. Solidez and Thuis will guide you through this program and support you with workshops, tips, network, our own experiences and a budget to get you started. 

The workshops take place each Wednesday evening at Thuis, starting 21 September (excluding study and exam week). There is a € 500,- budget per group to give your a quick start.


1 Kickoff

We will kick-off our first session with some inspiring, funny and profound questions. This will help us to get to know each other. The second part focuses on our ideal neighborhood. What does it look like and what can we do to achieve this ideal?

2 My qualities

Qualities and strengths, is what you're good at, it comes naturally to you, but this is not always the case for others. During this training, you will learn what a strength is and how to discover your strength.

3 Leadership and role models

During the third session we will discuss terms such as leadership and role models. The goal is to get a better understanding of what good leadership entails and what is needed to be a good role model.

4 My learning curve

This workshop focuses on your own learning curve. The goal is to reflect on what you experienced in the past and how this is related to your strengths. But also to learn what skills you want to improve and your ambitions for the future.

5 Debate and dialogue

This session focuses on communication. The goal is to improve your communication skills in the context of a debate and dialogue.

6 Dealing with group pressure

What is group pressure? How do I experience it? How can I identify group pressure and handle it? We will tackle questions like this via exercises in this session.

7 & 8 Organizing 1 & 2

These two sessions will be used to come up with a plan for an upcoming event, activity or initiative. We will support you writing your action plan and brainstorm over possibilities.

9 Preparing for the final presentation

In this penultimate meeting, the participants start preparing their final presentation during the certificate presentation. The aim is to set up and practice a substantive presentation about: 1) who participants are and why they participated in Young Leaders, 2) what participants learned during the training, and 3) what their plans are for the neighbourhood.

10 Final presentation

At the end, the final presentation takes place and the certificates are handed out. A festive moment that young people can celebrate with friends and family.

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Aimee Terwisscha-Dekker